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PPL 2024 カテゴリ1,2,4採択論文・発表リスト(順不同)

カテゴリ1 [C1]

カテゴリ2 [C2]

カテゴリ4 [C4]

NOTICE: PPL aims to function as an informal workshop series, which gives researchers an opportunity to disseminate their preliminary work and get feedback from the participants without precluding publication elsewhere. It encourages submissions of revised versions of the work to international conferences or refereed journals.

The second category of PPL ([C2] in the list above) is intended to help researchers disseminate their research to the domestic community by providing an opportunity to present their papers that have already been accepted by international conferences or journals. Therefore, presentations in this category, which are informal, should not be considered republication or results of double submissions of any kind.